Washed Out – Within and Without

Keeping up with music trends isn’t always pleasant business. Sometimes all you hear is garbage, every once in a while something truly great comes along.  But mostly you may hear a glimpse of something great, however it’s masked, drowned and buried in excessive and purposeful repetition, over-use of bass or a certain, specific sound. Yes, I’m talking to you Dubstep. So why bother you may ask?

When I first heard of Chillwave, I imagined it to be my worst nightmare to come true. Electronic music softened to a degree that would make Elton John stammer in embarassement, arrangements so blissfully put together you’d cringe and beg for mercy. And of course, this got way popular over the course of last year (or even longer). Not a fan of dismissing something simply because it sounds bad on paper, but this really seemed to be better left alone.

Enter Washed Out, a producer from the US who mastered the art of Chillwave to perfection. It’s bombastic, it creeps under your skin, you want to never leave your bed again in the morning. It really chills you out for good. Hard to admit, but this is great stuff. The 80ies have a clear and unmistakable influence, as do early 90ies ambient sounds, but what really stands out is the pop appeal that Trip Hop lost over 15 years ago. I’d advise everyone to go and get ‘Within and Without’, this year’s album. It won’t leave your player for quite a while, certainly not on Sunday mornings.

Watch how it all began, ca 2009 with ‘Feel it all around’ and a gorgeous accompanying video:

And lastly a great showcase of his talent ‘Call it off’ which didn’t make it onto the album:

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