Christkindlesmarkt, Nürnberg

We are quite fond of markets and all sorts of fairs, as you may have gathered by now. But when it comes to Christmas, there are a few obstacles in the way of uncompromised excitement. Try finding another event where cheesyness is allowed to flow as freely while people turn blind, helped by Glühwein and let themselves loose in the merriness. It is so far off of any religious tradition, there’s no bother to try and start an argument there.

So instead of bickering and adding one cynical comment to the other, why not experience it for yourself I said to myself, and go to the mother lode of all christmas markets. That is to be found in the southern part of Germany, a very festive country from the start, in the city of Nürnberg. So not only Munich’s Oktoberfest has conquered the world, there is another event that has swept across the western part of the world right before Christmas.

Apart from truly delicious, yet unhealthy food, both sweet and greasy there is a variety of Glühwein that makes you almost forget all the superfluous crap sold at said fair. It is big, it is merry and it’s actually good fun being there. Mind you, there are busloads of tourists visiting Nürnberg that time of the year, but luckily enough the locals make that busy and unfestive folk very much forgotten. Would I go to another Christmas market ever again? Not if I can help it. Do I mind having gone to Nürnberg? Not at all, actually highly recommended. And then you may gladly and thankfully skip all the rest.

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One Response to Christkindlesmarkt, Nürnberg

  1. Marlene Asaro says:

    I was born and raised in Nurnberg– (Now 74 yrs of age )have lived in America since 1960—Yet–every year around Chrismas I am homesick–Missing the Traditional Christkindle Market.—- Ever so many Years agoo-My Great Grand Parents had a Stand selling Tre decorations–and homemade tree angels. It was the highlight of my childhood to go to the opening of the Market–and see a Actress from the Opernhause –dresses like a Angel–open the Market officially.
    Looks like a Old Lady is Homesick again—–Merry Christmas to everyone–und ein froeliches Weihnachts fest. Marlene Asaro .

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