Some words about Lucy 2.0

I wanted to write something about Lucy the night she first was enlightening the sky above Bahnhofstrasse Zurich. But it just didn’t felt right. It was just to warm that I could write something about a chrismas decoration.

But now with the first snow out there, it’s actually the second of the season but the other one was back in octobre, I know that winter and holiday season has arrived.

Lucy replaced ‘the largest timepiece’ one year ago. Unfortunately this timepiece chrismasdecoration thing was a huge missunderstanding for most of the people, so it was replaced after a few years on duty. The first appearance of Lucy was dissapointing for me. I hated the blinking of lots of those LED’s and that’s the main thing thats better by this years edition. Now that this blinking is almost inexisting, well I never saw it when I had a look at the sky above Bahnhofstrasse, the hole installation resembles much more a low lying sky dotted with lots of stars. No matter what the weather was, those not to bright lights led my eyes perfectly into the eternety searching for some of the stars usually invisible above a modern city.

As there is any kind of chrismasdecoration made with lights in downtown Zurich, you don’t have to walk to far to figure out, which one suits you the best. My favorite? No idea, as the perfect mood for this decision has not yet arrived. But definetly not those who are too bright.

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