Crookers 2.0

Ok. It’s not the second time that I went out to listen to some music by Crookers. After a couple of hours of sleep I’m ready for an other lazy Sunday afternoon and a short review.

It’s the third time I saw them and again in the western part of the country. I was not fit enough to see them in Zurich so I usued the additional night with good sleep to get ready for their set in Lausanne’s D! Club. But only one of the duo made it behind the desks. I have no idea what happened to the other one but the music was still great. Different from the last two sets but still up to date.

And when it’s about up to date music. The other DJ’s for the night Neoteric and Speedrax where there to convince me. One played Joe Goddards Gabriel in a remix, the other a well known remix of Beethoven’s 5th.

A shame that the lights turned on at 4.40am and just minutes before the music died.

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