Passing the time in a pub in Ireland

The weather is grim, either it is wet or just plain cold and if you are not spending your days in the mountains there is not much going for winter these days. Luckily there are places to go to, have a pint and watch a game. They are public places, hence the short name pub. You find them in the oddest places all over the world, and strangely adapt to their new world while still keeping its original purpose.

A pub in Ireland however is rather pure and plays a very central role in the everyday life. Barrels and busloads of spirits get consumed on a daily basis, but more to follow on that topic at a later date. In a traditionally not very wealthy society these places serve as the living-room in which both the social as the relaxing factor play a key role.

You may find a fireplace, which undeniably will warm the hearts of everyone. The greasy food is despite your body crying for help excellent and probably still much better than what comes from the other side of the pond. To drink a pint, is despite the apparent widespread alcoholism, a ritual and fine-tuned to a degree that is almost scientific. Ask for an Irish Coffe in the right place and you’ll know! To top the experience off there are both traditional as contemporary live bands showcasing their talent. These are ordinary folk, with a knack for instruments or voices, but the love for music is felt deeply.

But alas, there is way more to offer in this beautiful country, but that I leave to you to find out. The pub is where you rejoice from the gems you’ll be finding outside.

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