How to like Guinness

Not an easy task at hand for today, however it turns out a doable one. So many myths relating around that particular brand and type of beer, it is beyond count and defies the point to list them all. Here’s how I actually got round to love my pint of Guinness.

1. Guinness doesn’t travel well

Whenever you come across an Irish in a pub abroad, he will, whilst still enjoying one, lecture you that this sad excuse of a pint poured outside of Ireland is nothing short of a disgrace and insult to his fellow kin. Apparently the delicate nature of this dark brew sits not well with any transport and the farther away from the brewery, the more bland and stale it gets. I did try both one at home and (several) one in Dublin, close to the source. Result: It does taste oh so much better in its home turf.

2. Guinness get’s better when served often

Without asking you’ll be reminded by everyone who sees you, clearly a foreigner, that the pint you’re consuming is best in his pub. What it boils down to though, is the more often it is served, the better it gets. Apparently the constant flow ensures it’s quality, sitting around on the other hand will not improve the flavor unlike wine or similar. Again I can’t prove anything otherwise, the busier the place was the better the pint tasted.

3. Serving a pint of Guinness is a science in it’s own

Now true, you rightly observe, that the above not necessarily stem from the Guinness itself. Sometimes the right place and the right people make everything taste much sweeter, than it actually is. Have we not all brought home an overpriced wine, that was quite undrinkable back home? However where Guinness is close to the source and consumed often the bartender will more likely know about some basic rules. A Guinness is to be poured not entirely, then to leave it sit for a good two minutes before topping it off, leaving a perfect creamy crown in perfect symmetry with the logo on the glass. There is actually a lengthy manual on how to follow through the steps, found at the bottom of this post. Again, the result is astounding: I loved any minute drinking it.

But most striking of it all, despite it being a lot less exciting here, it still is much better than before. It carries now, the promise and memory of what it actually could be.

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