Adelboden’s World Cup Races or Found a New Thing I Won’t Spend Money For

I was quite surprised that I made it to Adelboden last Saturday. But I won the battle to catch the 0640 bus and was eager to see something delightful..

On the way into this mountain village I was very impressed by their organization. It seems as when the organizers are at their best to bring the folk towards the runs. After leaving the not so crowded train from Bern in Frutigen, we could change into coaches shuttle between a parking lot on a local airfield or the train station and the end of the run near Adelboden. And there were a lot of those coaches driving around the streets of the valley this day. A minute into the ride an information was aired. And the informative part was introduced with a local tune heard not only once this day and it didn’t made me looking forward to any reprises as I hated it right away (… s’Vogellisi chunt vom Bärner Oberland… arghhh).

No bottles of alcohol allowed in the area and you will see men and women see emptying them in front of the ticket boxes at 10am. Great. I made it a little bit up the hill for a photo and than left the scene towards the village. Sorry but why should I spend hours on a hill watching… on a screen or something far away for some seconds?

I made it into the Café of Bäckerei Haueter for some giant meringue with some whipped cream. Nice stuff and almost everything I ate that day. The hot chocolate or the tea just helped to come past those calories while it was snowing outside.

I went for a screen to see the last athletes in the second run and could barely find one. Found one in a Pub which didn’t have any FA-Cup on after wards. Remote. And they changed their glasses from glass to plastic when the first spectators made their way back into town. Later I incidentally passed the square where the flower ceremony was held. No Swiss riders on the pedestal equal no folk on the square but still with a speaker from the national broadcaster, another reason why people may have avoided the square (yeah your right: Matthias Hüppi).

As snow was turning from snow into rain and I wasn’t as well prepared with some beers as others to endure it, I left the valley when the night started to fall.

And it doesn’t look as I will return. But I’m sure, others will.

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