Clouds Bistro-Bar at Prime Tower, Zurich

Can you remember when the first skyscraper was built? It must have been long before mankind landed on the moon. Well our city has one now, comparably average at best in another, it stands out magnificently and frankly boggles the mind on how this could ever pass our ever so scrutinizing, change-resistant voting electorate.

Yet here it is, towering over a new neighborhood. The direction of which is despite all the construction sites still unclear to me, yet something actually changing so drastically, dramatic and on such a large scale is both scary and exciting. And the kicker is, you can now see that from above, at the top of Prime Tower in a Bar & Restaurant that calls itself Clouds. I will spare you the lament on how pricey it is (outrageous), how strange the furnishing (orange strikes back) and how far in advance you have to book reservations for a table in the restaurant (couldn’t bother checking, sorry).  Yet the bar is open to all, and if you’re lucky you get a top-spot. Mind you, the view from the rest of the bar isn’t too shabby either and the only reason to go up there.

Oh but what a view. Being so very behind and small(-minded) has its benefit after all, the sight is totally unspoiled and the city is shimmering in the fading glow of the evening light. The ever so busy streets, the constant buzz of the trains and the slow turning on of lights in the streets and apartments will enchant you day and night, one can’t help it. A sight worth to see, be it only for that one time.

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