Photo 12 at Maag Event Hall, Zurich

This year’s edition of Photo 12, showcasing the body of work of an assembled group of both established and aspiring photographers is now on display at the Maag Event Hall. A year ago this area looked vastly (and ghastly) different, with the opening of the Prime Tower and a whole armada of office buildings in all their glassy glory surrounding it, the industry chic is clearly on the decline.

But back to the matter at hand, you will probably only like a handful of the pictures on display. There is a lot of nudity and other unnecessary provocation going on, but those who stay with you after having left this huge exhibition, are really well done. Also worth checking out is the wall right next to entrance, where everyone could send an example of his work circling round a specific topic. There are quite a few good ones, something for the judges to consider for next year’s Photo 13.

Today is the last day open, so hurry! One can’t hardly be disappointed since there’s bound to be one that sticks with you. And if not, it’s a good laugh overhearing pretentious hipster remarks from the countless showoffs roaming through the hall.

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