Matto Rules at Langstars, Zurich

A splendid band, previously mentioned on this blog, with their very first live gig in this town is always raising one’s spirit and hope’s for an excellent night out. Playing at a hostel, that is located and named after the notorious street. Somehow small, cosy gigs always seem to be the best, a rule that was not broken on this particular night.

Granted, to speak of a small venue is quite an underestimation as this is more a cafe/bar than anything else. However perfectly fine to perform a showcase of material, that has grown to album length already. The 13 songs were dotted with highlights and funnily enough it wasn’t the radio-friendly tracks that worked best but their recently released track ‘Images’, to take an example, worked exceptionally well. Further noteworthy is the high-class drumming, the jazz education clearly pays off well.

It is rare to see a group of friends playing what might as well dominate our Sunday’s chart shows (it certainly should!), where each has unique qualities that blend together so nicely. The guitar playing on ‘All Over’ was simply sublime, but that is only possible when the rest of the band knows how to highlight and complement each other in a very crafty and ingenious way. Here’s to having high hopes to something that deserves to go on for long.


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