Bar 25 Nacht @ Hinterhof Basel

Somehow I have to recover excessively after everything that has to do with Berlin. So it took me a little bit more than every hour of last Sunday’s afternoon.

I decided to give this club in Basel another chance, as I missed most of the line-up 8 nights ago. And it was worth it. The music was okay, but the mood of the people there was great. It was just a normal night out, but the main dance floor was still very crowded at 5am. Maybe because there seems to be a secret rule it this club, that smokers don’t really have to go outdoor to smoke their tobacco or whatever they prefer to inhale. And that was the worst part of the evening for me. I haven’t missed those showers in the morning where you smell some smoke again, but this time as a cold something.

While I missed Efdemin the first night at this club, I decided to give it an other go when I saw that some Bar 25 DJ’s are going to play on Saturday night. The friendly security guys let me in, after I promised not to pass out again and I didn’t. So I got to hear some great music. But not from Dirty Doering which was the only name I knew. Obviously not his music because after the first tracks I moved to a smaller room with local DJ’s and better sound. When I returned to the last tracks of Dirty Doering his tunes where a little bit better, but too much based on soul classics with a baseline. To slow stuff for my liking. And he played a very easily recognizable track played by the first DJ, her music was slightly better, again. Don’t do that.

Last DJ I heard was Mira. Quite nice music again but she couldn’t bring the feeling of the outdoor clubbing in Berlin to freezing Basel either.

The bar in the club is quite nice. But I had my appearances cut to an absolute minimum.

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