An idle day in London

City trips can be a nuisance, so much stuff to see & so little time are hardly ever a good match. So why not skip it all and just do what you’d do at home, but ever so slightly different?

First, let’s have some breakfast. To do that in London might seem a challenge to some of you, as the islands are not known for food in general and breakfast (tiny, greasy, mean-looking little sausages that defy any colour and substance – check!) in particular. But the ubiquitous and rather overwhelming trend of healthy or organic food did not forget to make halt in good old Britain, nay it did indeed change this into quite an agreeable place concerning food. So no need to go out for chinese, indian, italian everyday anymore.

But back to breakfast, one example, swarmed with hipster folk is The Modern Pantry. Located in the east of the city, it boasts 2 stories full of clean and healthy food and a coffee that deserves its name.

As it has gone past lunch-time already, there’s no use in fussing around further, might as well pop in a few shops here and there round Soho and Covent Garden. What’s mind-boggling is the ever-prominent rise of Superdry, a heavily americanized brand drawing apparently also from japanese style, but made in the UK. Well.. at first anyway. EVERYONE is wearing this, however going into the store leaves you wondering whether you or the rest of mankind has lost any sense of taste.

This needs a pint of Guiness and a good game of football to get over with, so why not stopping by one of the many pubs and catch a game, or even better attend one. London boasts more football clubs than you can imagine, so off you go and pick what is to your liking. The Emirates, whether you are a fan or not, is one beauty of a stadium and these days you can even give your farewell to Thierry Henry, living legend and a hand of god of late.

As it is evening by now, best stomach a big hearty steak to be ready for what’s to follow. Somehow this part seems to be rather blurry, but whoever said that London is not worth a good night out was probably right. In spite of bars closing early & the clubs emptying rather pre-maturely, it won’t stop you from having had a brilliant day, void of any stress that is sight-seeing and in the end this brought you closer to the city than any overpriced tour can ever do.

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