Genevas frozen borders of the lake. And a burger.

Winds from the north-east and temperatures that let some people stay inside gave Geneva a temporary state that appeared in several medias across the continent. So I headed there as well this week to have a look at the sculptures formed by the wind and water. Nice stuff. Not as slippery as I would have expected but a nice amount of ice where I used to sunbathe on other occasions.

As I was not the only person to take pictures of it, search the internet for work with better gear. Mine were made while on the run, as I didn’t intend to spend too much time outside.

For lunch I wanted to try a place making burgers I haven’t tried it yet but read about on a blog. The place is called Inglewood but had its afternoon break, so I went to an already known place called Le Calamar and it’s King Kong Burger. Nice burger, but the next time I will order a version with only one patty as it was almost too much. Meanwhile I enjoyed the burger, the fries went cold and weren’t a joy at all. Maybe the fat, just not what I like.

And now some ice and some water.

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