Gesaffelstein @ Hinterhof, Basel

It seems to be cold in the region at the moment. My warm-up program for last night out was supposed to be some rugby on a television. But as the game in Paris was cancelled, I headed a little bit earlier to the club. The security there still know me, I wish I could say the same about another club.

And it the club, the cold hit me again. What a mistake to leave the jacket in the wardrobe. A warehouse style building seems to be quite cold this time of year when there’s only a handful of people inside. As I wasn’t able to move because of the low temperatures, I couldn’t go and grab my jacket. While the temperature rose slowly with the number of people in the club, everyone wearing a jacket…

Later on, the music helped to burn some calories while dancing and not shivering. Gesaffelstein had a 2 hour set. Overall 3 tracks I really liked and many that made lot of people dancing and enjoying themselves. Some even went bonkers on his Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce remix. I’m still waiting to hear one that can convince me. Overall his set had too much downtime, as if it was for people with a blackout every now and then. And I don’t understand, why he played a track at 4am in an open end club that you would usually hear, after the lights are turned on and the people are kicked out.

Your set wasn’t that special Mr. Gesaffelstein.

And I’ll finish the post with a note about the facilities…

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