The splendour of Port Hamburg

Visiting this grand and sprawlingly enormous harbour is almost a spiritual happening. Europe’s second biggest port and arguably one of the most accessible ones in the world is both a showcase of globalization and mass transport on a scale beyond imagination.

That hardly being the true nature of its fascination, but a mesmerizing backdrop of a unbeatable scenery. Granted, to have the entire thing deep-frozen in the arctic sweep that had the continent in a stronghold the past weeks, only adds to the beauty. To see trade-ships so big completely frozen in the ice is awe-inspiring.

Bearing in mind, that not everybody is a naval at heart this is still a sight worth to see. Almost the entire city of Hamburg is either directly or indirectly dependent of the port, everything revolves around it. The architecture resembles maritime life on every corner, ships long beyond their service date, lay ashore and display their splendid history galore.

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2 Responses to The splendour of Port Hamburg

  1. Cassie says:

    It’s beautiful. I’ve never seen snow/ice on water like that in real life. So nice.

  2. I love Hamburg so much!!

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