Signori Misteriosi at Papiersaal, Zürich

We don’t usually do second reviews or go to the same thing twice, but in the case of local and promising bands you’d better go as many times as possible, since the following of the progress is almost as exciting as the music itself. Since the last time round, the stage was set for a single release on vinyl, the first showing of the accompanying videoclip and finally a liveset to round things off.

The highlight naturally was the latter, but the refinement of the stoner rock sound was notably well done and thankfully now in print. As vinyl is no longer a household essential item, the boys did not forget to enclose a download code for the listeners convenience and pleasure. The video is further building the desert-rock image with all the elements of a good old spaghetti western to give every good justification of the good name of the band. But alas, this would all have been not much to mention really, if it weren’t for the energetic and especially in the first half of the gig extremely focused live demonstration of the same material. It is no longer promising, it stands on its own and certainly deserves wider recognition.

Check out the song to the video here.

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