Heidi and the drugdealer

Before I write something about Heidi’s DJing at Hive Club last Saturday night, I want to mention the drug dealer, because he appeared first.

It was still too early for most of the crowd to even be at the club, when an in other circumstances maybe attractive woman played her modification of a hit and run game. ‘Do you have something?’ Well I didn’t and it seemed as no one could help her at this time.

Later on she talked with one of the ugliest and oldest guys at the place who definitely had the worst haircut. As the woman stopped talking to strangers after this meeting and the guy seemed to be in an excellent mood, I was sure that this was her drug dealer.

I didn’t want to get busted that night but was waiting for an interesting DJ. Heard and read her name a few times so I though that this will be an easy choice to hear some good music. But Heidi didn’t really deliver what I would call good music. It was rather boring. Quite sure that there were only male vocals while I listened to her. She may prefer it, but I got an overkill, it just didn’t add anything when another Marvin Gaye-like voice was telling something like a story… Maybe if the crowd is all female. But that’s quite rare, isn’t it.

If you don’t know Heidi, she isn’t Swiss or anything. And doesn’t really looks like a Heidi either. Maybe it’s time to change her name to Elizabeth and to stop to dye her hair blond, or just improve her music a little bit.

As I left the club due to some sore feet, I ascribe it to walking to a restaurant at the top of a hill the same day, the wardrobe was full, actually every room was filled with people, the line-up suggested 8.5 other hours of entertainment and the queue in front of the club was very small with some people rejected. Don’t know when the drug searching woman left, but I did at 3.40 a.m.

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