Naschmarkt, Wien

Clearly, one of the writers of this blog has a fascination, a mild obsession even, with markets. Why do, anachronistic as they are, markets still exist, when you can buy exotic and fresh goods not only at the supermarket of your convenience but more to the point right off the internet? A thing that puzzles not just me, but despite all technologic and consummation logic, the social part as well as the immediacy of the product remain unbeaten in its attraction to a wide audience to this day.

Some of the most amazing markets on this planet are, to my knowledge at least, the San Telmo street market in Buenos Aires, the soukhs of Jerusalem and Nazareth, Camden Market in London, and the Weekend Market in Bangkok. This list far from being exhaustive, but Vienna may be one worth noting for Europe at least. Starts off as a buzzing and largely chaotic flea market, while gradually morphing into a foodlovers paradise for all things fresh, colourful and ready to eat. As you move closer to the inner city, the more posh it gets and before you know it, you seem to be at the royal supply chain itself.

Dating back to the 16th century and roughly 1,5km in length, this is a remarkable highlight and if you are remotely fascinated by bustling street markets, this is an absolute must to see. The buyer, the product and the seller in one place, all perfectly aware of what they are doing – perhaps not least of it all it’s the simplicity that makes a big part of a market’s attraction and fascination.

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