Easter theme departement store window

Best of it, that it didn’t occur just after Valentine’s Day. While the Easter theme, e.g. golden rabbits made of chocolate, is already spread along the shelves weeks ahead of the holiday, I saw a department store window that seemed to be adjusted to the season just days ago.

And what a lovely window it is. Perfect for kids, and too cute that a serious man as I’m considering myself can stop to take a picture of it. I tried to remember if I saw a similar window before, but couldn’t. Lot’s of rabbits on hay and some mini houses to have some shelter. And they built some small stairs in front of the window so that the kids can have a closer look at those mammals.

Let’s hope that all those rabbits will survive their time in the shop window and you will find something as good to get you in to holiday mood soon. If you search for the department store with this window: it’s in one of the bigger swiss cities and a well-known department store.

If I had taken a picture, it would be here.

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