Friday Night at M4Music, Zurich

Second year to be covered on this blog, the M4Music never fails to excite with surprises, discoveries and skull-grinding bass music. Both festival and conference it deals with the future of music and its industry during the day, and excites with concerts starting by nightfall. As diverse as crammed, it was again rightfully sold out. It is far from doable to see everything, you have to pick your battles. Here are the ones I fought:

Boots Electric

The singer from the Josh Homme project ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ and arguably its most likeable figure showed up with his latest solo project. As hilarious as this guy is as a persona as talented was his band. The crowd however seemed not impressed with the long buildups and jam-sessions. It came to the point of near-booing, with a 10 minute intro and a 2 minute explosion of an actual song understandably so, however this band must be quite amazing to see on their own. For a festival, even the most awesome drumming gets lost and that is nothing but a pity.

We Love Machines

Two boys doing noisy electro punk. Sounds familiar? You have no idea. It has long gone lost on me why this is still going on so strong, as much as I can see how easy the music gets people excited and how truly loud it is, it hasn’t changed one bit since more than five years. No evolution, not the slightest variation in style. Is stubbornness back in fashion? In times of political and financial woes we look to our music to be reliable and sustainable, is that it? Well, you have probably gathered it by now, I find it horribly and disgustingly stale and boring. But a word to the actual band, they even have a song called ‘Federer’, you’d think at least that would excite me, but sadly that sounds like… everything else they do.


Now the last time round I’ve seen these two boys was in Amsterdam aboard a ship and they were quite hit-and-miss, going from amazing to utterly horrifying in a matter of two songs. You can imagine myself in a state of rather anxious anticipation before their gig, however it turned out to be massively great. Mostly focusing on their latest record ‘Monkeytown’, the set-flow was immense, crowd reaction fantastic and as previously mentioned heavy on the bass. A song like ‘Pretentious Friends’ would get more than under your skin, the diversity working this time much more in their favour than on said boat in Amsterdam. Please continue!

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