Trentemøller @ Hive Club Zurich

No good to start with the main point of this post.

As I expected a large crowd for the second big name of Hive’s big Easter 2012 line-up, e.g. a 23 hours marathon still to come, I arrived early and was in, while some teenies were rejected at the door. As already the first tunes I heard made some people dance, I could easily join them and get in the mood to listen to better music, promised by the big name from Denmark, announced for a set in a couple of hours.

But Trentemøller was not as good as I would have expected. The crowd was there, perfectly grooved in and even 60 minutes into the set still waiting for something big to come, but from my point of view: he didn’t deliver. The first tunes he played were okay, but every thing he tried to add failed. And when he started to play blues he had lost me. Later on, he came back to some good tracks only to destroy everything by adding something with his fingers…

Don’t know if this guy enjoyed the night himself… He appeared to be pissed when he was kissed by a complete stranger. Come on dude… at least the girl seemed to have a hell of a night.

See also: Trentemøller live at Hive Club last Autumn

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