Something about Tokyo. Air Club

Yes I found a club in Tokyo, and yes the air wasn’t that great because they don’t stop smoking over there after midnight either.

But the mood of the people becomes much better with every drop of alcohol they had. So while there wasn’t much going on the first hour in the club, the crowd went enthusiastic after a couple of hours and drinks. I didn’t new too much about the club as of there will be playing a DJ I would listen to in Zurich sometime soon. Not that day, but clubs usually book the same quality of DJ’s. Don’t they? As I learnt, the first main act, was a well-known Japanese guy called DJ President, some parts of his set were nice, but not mind-blowing. Then there were two French guys playing, one after the other but still so close to each other, that they were announced as the combo they are also known as: Beat Torrent. The funny thing about French men, you would recognise they’re French even if you don’t know anything about them. The second one playing even made the sign: I will play it later, when I asked him to play The Subs ‘Dope of Pope’. But I left when he hasn’t played it. The first time I wanted to call it a night, he played Yuksek’s Tonight which made me return immediately…

Notes: not everyone can play tunes like Skrillex does it. Somehow it can be quite a huge difference, even if it’s the same kind of noise for others. And the sound system was great.

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