Bliss in Kyoto

Kyoto is in many respects quite the antipode to Tokyo, with its ubiquitous neon lights and super-efficient public transport system, but nonetheless as breathtaking in its own. Much more tranquil, as most of its treasures are hidden away on the foothills and behind ugly concrete. A week will do no justice as there are so many things to discover, you are bound to get overdosed by the sheer beauty and masses of it.

But alas, before neglecting Geishas, they do exist!, a sensible approach is to just take in what you can. Be it the more obvious choices such as the Golden Temple, the huge Pagoda overlooking the city and the ‘Old Town’ or the smaller things such as a simple flower garden, it’s hard not to get excited.

There are two downsides to it all, as mentioned you will never be able to see it all let alone be able to relish it appropriately as there is simply an abundance of everything culturally relevant present within the city districts. Secondly you will not be the only visitor gazing at its marvels, there are big busses and group tours swarming especially at luncheon hour. Allow yourself the gift of leaving out some of the major attractions and have a bite underneath a fading cherry-blossom tree, the bliss will undoubtedly be with you.

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  1. The pictures are gorgeous and so inspiring! Great work!

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