Offene Weinkeller (open vine cellars) next Saturday

What once started somewhere in the canton of Schaffhausen, has now spread to most German-speaking cantons. Some vineyards and the handicraft of those masters overlooking the process of juice turning into wine, and you have a nice product to put in a bottle and to be sold. To get customers closer to wine makers someone invented the event of the open wine cellars for the beginning of May. That’s just now. And maybe because the first wasn’t a public holiday everywhere, most regions have added the next Saturday to promote their wines.

I was back at the Bielersee yesterday. I thought same village as last fall, but as I went to the village with the biggest number of open wine cellars, I passed Twann and left at the next village: Ligerz.

Nice stuff, very friendly wine makers, cool cellars and a region that is extremely dedicated to winemaking. I like this place. Go to OpenWineCellar to find a region where you can hit lots of cellars (as I did) or if your favorite local man participates in the event. And have some lunch before you start tasting….

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