Strawberries from a nearby farmer

And as I picked them on my own, they where the bargain of the day. Something like 1.5kg for less than 9.- Swiss Francs. As it sounds like a very special offer, it isn’t. The one I have been to, has the ad placed alongside the nearest road while you will find others using this page: (means pick them on your own).

As I arrived I had to have my bowls weighted. Later the same bowls where a little bit heavier with all the not eaten strawberries inside. The farmer I’ve been to had a very nice breed. The fruits looked very healty and there where a lot of them, so that I had to take my shades off to be able to decide if they where red enough. Then I had to taste one that looked ready, just to make sure, and that’s no problem as you’re allowed to try a fruit every now and then, or ask any kid who was brought to the field.

On the way back to the scale I had to bow a little bit to pass under the cherry trees, no not yet ready to be picked, but I know where to go.

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