Taking a stroll in Lisbon

Tram Lisboa

The famously tranquil and serene city of Lisboa in economically troubled Portugal is the perfect getaway for even a mere few days. A city that has been rocked on as many woes it lost count to remember, it transcends peace. Perhaps it has, long ago, finally accepted its own decline and rests gracefully for the times to come. Architecture from another continent, yet strikingly european adds to this otherworldly experience.

Lisbon Porto Vino

To walk up one of its many hills, one cannot overlook the many, once beautiful, boarded up houses, abandoned by its former tenants in search of less doomed and expensive homes. Scattered between them are incredulously crafted tiled houses, that would be fit for Louis XIV’s needs. The poverty is not hidden, yet does not seem to sow crime, theft and worse. Instead, this is one of Europe’s safest cities.

Tram Lisboa

There are highlights galore, but just strolling around is where you find gems left and right. The food is not spectacular, it involves a BBQ, Sea Salt and usually a Sardine. The wine is well worth a sip, but the pleasure lies in the many carefully curated port wines. The simplicity is also what makes this city shine, why bother being glamorous and loud when you have seen and heard it all? Lisboa surely has and is ageing peacefully into long deserved retirement.

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