Bruce Springsteen at Letzigrund, Zurich

Stadium Rock is probably the least thing expected to be covered on this blog, the higher the ticket prices and the bigger the venue the less character a show has got to have. Since selling records ceased to pay off for the mansions, sprawling live shows with exorbitant ticket prices have come to be the new income. Granted it’s sort of hard work, but the truckloads of stage, lighting and name the gimmick have turned this into a Vegas-on-tour madness that’s best skipped completely.

That’s the theory at least. Having paid little attention to what Bruce Springsteen is actually up to, expectations were mildly interested at best. Sure, there are some true gems in his repertoire, decades old but not aged a day and still sounding real. There was no opening band, and the band kicked off way before sunset. A true cynic would say that most of his fans do share the same birthyear as the Boss and at over sixty, one needs his sleep, but that would be unfair as his liveshow clocked in at three and a half hours without one single break. Secondly the audience was as diverse as it gets, from young to old, white and blue collar alike and everybody was hooked from the start.

A simple recipe, play the hits, give the audience what it wants and be thouroughly enthusiastic about what you do. As big as the venue was, as pricey the tickets were, you could not shake the feeling that this guy really does enjoy every minute of it. And it transcended easily, this was honest and coming from the heart. How about the music itself? Solid, well built up and fit for everyone, even to a bitter old music elitist as yours truly.


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