Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at Montreux Jazz

Here’s a public persona that’s both uniquely gifted with musical talent and notorious for being a class-a knob head. Usually that is not a bad pairing for Montreux, it has proven to be a fruitful ground for difficult artists. Prince, lost for decades, is at ease and happily plays two nights back to back. Others invite all their friends and create magic, all televised and straight going to Claude Nobs precious vault.

So you’d think even a troubled character such as the prodigious musical genius from Oasis would find his long sought home and peace at Montreux. Not so, obviously far away and gone into the colourful abyss of whatever he was on he showed his talent but did not hold back the hack he apparently enjoys to be. Not a few songs in and already solidly engaged in a fight with the audience, jokingly insulting his band and publicly offending Claude Nobs upon thanking him for visiting.

Surely, one should not take this guy serious, he plays the hits and magnificent they are, but carelessly thrown out insults do leave a bitter aftertaste. A hard youth, a troubled yet incredibly succesful time with Oasis have left their mark for the worst it seems.

Oh and one last word to Bombay Bicycle Club who opened for Noel: pleasant, but ultimately forgettable.

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