Rum tasting by Paul Ullrich @ Fischer’s Fritz

What looked like a great opportunity to get a sip of very different rums came along like an extended BBQ on the shore of Lake Zurich and an early party.

To start with how it ended: too early because I felt a little bit tipsy. I couldn’t taste half of  the brands and was far away from sampling half of the different bottles the liquor shop brought to Zurich. I don’t know if the cocktail offered with the 25.- Sfr entrance fee or those fee sips I had where to much, but each where interesting samplings of craftmanship…

Maybe not the last rum I tried. It was the only one from the states, while all the others where from a Carribean Island, and way to strong for my liking. I tried just a little bit and I had to call it a day. So I was no more able to try the cheapes bottle on offer, for about 30 Sfr a bottle, but as I had tried some of the more expensive rums, for a little bit more than 200 Sfr, I didn’t had to hesitate too much.

The cocktails, 5 or 6 or 7 different you could chose from and everyone from a different well known bar in Zurich. Quite impressive. I’m not sure any more, but I think the recipe for the one I had was created at the onyx bar.

The crowd was quite interesting as well. And for most of the time I was there, a little bit over 2 hours, there where always some discovering some rums while others enjoyed the BBQ. Have a look at the photo for an almost random look at the crowd and not half of the bottles you could taste. Next rum tasting by the company will take place in Basel.

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