New albums by the Kalkbrenner brothers

Fritz Kalkbrenner – Sick Travelin’

One has to begin with the disappointment. Listen to it a few times and it just becomes more obvious how this experiment has failed. Upon Fritz’es debut album Paul was declared the less talented of the two, seeing the warmth, soul and class soaked tracks on his first full length. In between he released the more than stellar version of Ruby Lee, a Bill Withers classic, that not only honoured the original but took it to another ethereal, but comfortable level. And now this. It’s not a disaster, there’s some bits and pieces that are worth the listen. But ultimately its forgettable, you won’t even be upset, it’s not what you’d hoped for.

Paul Kalkbrenner – Guten Tag

Moving on to Paul, putting out another album in a very short time. The last one ‘Icke Wieder’ was like a comet, insanely good, played to death and not touched for a year and completely faded away despite its brightness and initial appeal. No matter the quality sitting on there. While ‘Berlin Calling’ continues to be the soundtrack for almost every situation in life, be that a boring airport, a long train ride, workout or a good dinner with friends. With ‘Guten Tag’ it is not yet certain wheather it will be a comet or a star to stay on the horizon. There is many a good gem cramped on it, and thankfully no vocals. It’s so painfully simple, it hurts and tingles your spine. Listening to ‘Trümmerung’, bass cranked, is a revelation. Goosebumps, head and feet rocking involuntarily and waiting for that snare to kick in, well I rest my case.

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