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Taking a Synth Bath

Stumbled on this very bare and raw version. As brief as it is heavy. Simply beautiful! Also after giving it a few spins ‘Random Access Memories’ is full of delightful moments, but borders on being stupendously horrendous. Somehow it narrowly … Continue reading

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Enjoy the reverie: Flox – Right Here

As heard today on the excellent Music channel Couleur 3, the one last reliable radio station broadcasting decent music in this land. If they knew any better its swiss german counterparts would bow their heads in shame, but alas they … Continue reading

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Tornike – Cubic

In the spirit of the season, a little gift brought to you by this blog, much of the year rather dormant we must admit, but nonetheless hoping you’d enjoyed one or the other post. This time covering a track found … Continue reading

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New albums by the Kalkbrenner brothers

Fritz Kalkbrenner – Sick Travelin’ One has to begin with the disappointment. Listen to it a few times and it just becomes more obvious how this experiment has failed. Upon Fritz’es debut album Paul was declared the less talented of … Continue reading

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Healing Scars in Lebanon

Instead of healing open and still septic wounds, Lebanon moves on, ignoring setbacks and numerous bursts of the ever dwelling conflict. Beirut lives with desperation and joy and has seen its fair share of life, death and beyond. The past … Continue reading

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Have a little faith in Istanbul

When flying in to Istanbul, the pointy spikes of its countless minarets create a thorny silhouette of this hilly city and its mighty Bosphorus river. As you drive in closer to the old city and the sprawlingly glitzy parts of … Continue reading

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Beirut Wisdom

Whenever I feel bad, I start to sing. Then I realize, my voice is worse than my problems. As seen in the streets of Beirut, near downtown.

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Kill Your Work Life Balance

Collage & papercut of media headlines (courtesy of NZZ, Tagi-Magi), spray can & paint. Laid out on a freezy Saturday morning. Project ongoing, pictures documenting creative process. Failure or no failure remains to be seen.

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Wolf + Lamb – Real Love (ft Pillowtalk)

Gorgeous track bubbling away. Btw: We’re back! Sort of…

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Bruce Springsteen at Letzigrund, Zurich

Stadium Rock is probably the least thing expected to be covered on this blog, the higher the ticket prices and the bigger the venue the less character a show has got to have. Since selling records ceased to pay off … Continue reading

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