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Kill Your Work Life Balance

Collage & papercut of media headlines (courtesy of NZZ, Tagi-Magi), spray can & paint. Laid out on a freezy Saturday morning. Project ongoing, pictures documenting creative process. Failure or no failure remains to be seen. Advertisements

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Some words about Lucy 2.0

I wanted to write something about Lucy the night she first was enlightening the sky above Bahnhofstrasse Zurich. But it just didn’t felt right. It was just to warm that I could write something about a chrismas decoration. But now … Continue reading

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Church 2.0.

Granted, this is actually quite funny and original. Note the holy trinity!

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Where does the angry citizen come from?

The creaters from South Park have found the shocking answer. Ever wondered why seemingly decent citizens with a good education, lacking any devastating childhood memories and a well-paid job would vote for ridiculous things like an abandonment of small church … Continue reading

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Spot the difference (#2)

Or how all common sense seems to have left these realms. Exhibit 1: Exhibit 2: Hint: One of the two is forbidden in our nation, the other is forbidden (amongst else) in Saudia-Arabia. One of the two countries is secular, … Continue reading

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Geneva special (2/3): food

Walk, walk and walk. Before you take a seat in the restaurant Café de Paris, you should burn some calories. I have an imaginary list of cars I wanna see on the streets. Not on TV or in a show … Continue reading

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Buddhist Wisdom

A young monk points out this months words of wisdom. In that sense, congratulations to you all!

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Collection in Spring

What’s more interessting to collect? Moss or bear’s garlic. Good if you come around doing one of them, but some things need to be done in the garden in spring (e.g. collecting the moss). I thought this could be a … Continue reading

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Thanks to Michèle Roten from Das Magazin we are now aware of this brilliant website Makes it all a bit less harsh.

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Don’t believe the hype

Who can do five?

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