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Beirut Wisdom

Whenever I feel bad, I start to sing. Then I realize, my voice is worse than my problems. As seen in the streets of Beirut, near downtown. Advertisements

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Most recognizable car brands at North Korea’s state funeral

Yeah something a little bit political this time. But what was most interesting on the CNN’s funeral coverage apart from the front row grievers and a less touched crowd in the back: I recognized just two of the car brands … Continue reading

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The Markets of Jerusalem

The beauty of Jerusalem is literally found on every corner, yet it is constantly overwhelming the poor traveller’s mind and heart. The thousands of years of history, the sheer madness of old-city and the current difficulties make a mix hard … Continue reading

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Weekend riots in Zurich

How far did we come that you feel guilty when you walk in the mainstation area on a Saturday night wearing a black jacket? First I felt surprised by the sheer amount of police men and women in their fighting … Continue reading

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News of the World – 1843-2011 R.I.P.

Our beloved sunday newspaper is no more. Gone the hillarious headlines, the endless puns and clever wordplay. And alas, the slideshows…! Despair is looming. If you circle the web, there are already listings of the best ever headlines, so as … Continue reading

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Where does the angry citizen come from?

The creaters from South Park have found the shocking answer. Ever wondered why seemingly decent citizens with a good education, lacking any devastating childhood memories and a well-paid job would vote for ridiculous things like an abandonment of small church … Continue reading

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Spot the difference (#2)

Or how all common sense seems to have left these realms. Exhibit 1: Exhibit 2: Hint: One of the two is forbidden in our nation, the other is forbidden (amongst else) in Saudia-Arabia. One of the two countries is secular, … Continue reading

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Penguin World Domination

Nobody knows it yet, but the next big threat to our lands is looming upon us. Penguins! Shocking footage shows it, at first it’s one, then another and all of a sudden they are everywhere. They control an entire continent … Continue reading

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