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Offene Weinkeller (open vine cellars) next Saturday

What once started somewhere in the canton of Schaffhausen, has now spread to most German-speaking cantons. Some vineyards and the handicraft of those masters overlooking the process of juice turning into wine, and you have a nice product to put in a … Continue reading

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The Markets of Jerusalem

The beauty of Jerusalem is literally found on every corner, yet it is constantly overwhelming the poor traveller’s mind and heart. The thousands of years of history, the sheer madness of old-city and the current difficulties make a mix hard … Continue reading

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Musique en Route at Röntgenplatzfest, Zürich

Why are people living in cities looking down to suburbians, or god forbid, rural inhabitants? In the same vein, stereotypes fly back to urbanites being superficial, arrogant and narcissistic. Perhaps because it is all true. Why does DJ Antoine still … Continue reading

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Spot the difference (#2)

Or how all common sense seems to have left these realms. Exhibit 1: Exhibit 2: Hint: One of the two is forbidden in our nation, the other is forbidden (amongst else) in Saudia-Arabia. One of the two countries is secular, … Continue reading

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About supporting the national team

Or as others would say it Why would one do that to one-self, you might ask? To struggle to find an answer would be a bold understatement. Supporting our national team is like a sure kick in the groin, it … Continue reading

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Penguin World Domination

Nobody knows it yet, but the next big threat to our lands is looming upon us. Penguins! Shocking footage shows it, at first it’s one, then another and all of a sudden they are everywhere. They control an entire continent … Continue reading

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Zurich’s meat markets

Every city has them, some refer to them as infamous, downright horrible places with no shame. Others love them exactly for that quality. Whereas your average club is free of any contact with the significant other (how dare you talking … Continue reading

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Dante’s Inferno

Yesterday’s visit to the newly opened Dante Bar & Basement has been truly delightful. The Basement slash club has yet to find its audience, the Bar itself seems to be everybody’s darling. Very refreshing to see both young hipsters and … Continue reading

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