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Healing Scars in Lebanon

Instead of healing open and still septic wounds, Lebanon moves on, ignoring setbacks and numerous bursts of the ever dwelling conflict. Beirut lives with desperation and joy and has seen its fair share of life, death and beyond. The past … Continue reading

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Have a little faith in Istanbul

When flying in to Istanbul, the pointy spikes of its countless minarets create a thorny silhouette of this hilly city and its mighty Bosphorus river. As you drive in closer to the old city and the sprawlingly glitzy parts of … Continue reading

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Kill Your Work Life Balance

Collage & papercut of media headlines (courtesy of NZZ, Tagi-Magi), spray can & paint. Laid out on a freezy Saturday morning. Project ongoing, pictures documenting creative process. Failure or no failure remains to be seen.

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Taking a stroll in Lisbon

The famously tranquil and serene city of Lisboa in economically troubled Portugal is the perfect getaway for even a mere few days. A city that has been rocked on as many woes it lost count to remember, it transcends peace. … Continue reading

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Getting lost in Shikoku, Japan

It’s hard to actually get off the beaten tracks in Japan in general, and even then you are not far from the next Seven-11 or one of his many look-alikes. Nonetheless we tried and most positively succeeded. The quest took … Continue reading

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Bliss in Kyoto

Kyoto is in many respects quite the antipode to Tokyo, with its ubiquitous neon lights and super-efficient public transport system, but nonetheless as breathtaking in its own. Much more tranquil, as most of its treasures are hidden away on the … Continue reading

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The splendour of Port Hamburg

Visiting this grand and sprawlingly enormous harbour is almost a spiritual happening. Europe’s second biggest port and arguably one of the most accessible ones in the world is both a showcase of globalization and mass transport on a scale beyond … Continue reading

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Photo 12 at Maag Event Hall, Zurich

This year’s edition of Photo 12, showcasing the body of work of an assembled group of both established and aspiring photographers is now on display at the Maag Event Hall. A year ago this area looked vastly (and ghastly) different, … Continue reading

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